Ford Is Now Boss Tough



We set the bar higher than other detailers when it comes to everything we do. We don't settle for mediocrity. Detailing is more than just a career...and although it's our passion, it's even more so an art form. Excellence is a better teacher than mediocrity. The lessons of the ordinary are everywhere. Truly profound and original insights are to be found only in studying the exemplary.

When we first set our eyes on this 2007 Ford F-150 we were taken back by how horrible the paint had become from sheer abuse. There were many factors that aided in taking their toll on this black truck's paint, some of which included years of running it through an automatic tunnel car wash and improper paint maintenance.

The woman who owned it filled us in on something else though, that her ex-husband had hired people to egg the vehicle as well as dump a pepto bismol/vinegar mixture on it. We also found that someone had keyed it running almost the entire length of the truck on both sides. We had some work cut out for us but the payoff was greater than the work load.

This called for and underwent our Signature Detail Package. To see more pictures of this transformation check out our photo gallery

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