Lake Havasu Mobile Detailing just went on Steroids

We are back from SEMA 2011.
While we were in Las Vegas at the SEMA show, we covered every hall in the convention center, browsing for new products and the latest technology within the auto detailing industry. We must say, we walked away with a couple game changers within the detailing profession and are excited to test the new things we've discovered.

Along with browsing detailing product companies and trade names known around the globe, we had the opportunity to attend educational seminars as well. Learning more efficient methods to cut time while keeping the standard of quality high during detailing was discussed. Furthermore, aircraft detailing, time management, and marketing strategies are all subjects covered in the two days we attended the seminar.

What we've learned has not only improved ourselves more as professionally trained and certified detailers, this knowledge will help us to deliver an even greater result and customer service to our clients than is already being done. We have lots more to share from what we've done in the past and more of what we have to offer. Stay tuned!

- The Detail Boss

 “Select-Team Members of The Air Force One Detailing Team”

    “Official Detailers of the Museum of Flight”