Watch out for "Value Menu" Detailers

Do you order off the Burger King or Mcdonald's value menu and receive gourmet food brought out to you that has nutritional value and is good for you? How healthy, really, is that $1 or $2 burger for you?

Let's use the same analogy with your vehicle. Do you take it to an automatic car wash for just a few dollars and receive a free "vacuum"or some sort of other service? Did you ever stop and look at the quality of work these places put out? And have you noticed your vehicle being more scratched than usual? So how "healthy" are these cheap "value menu" acclaimed details for your car or truck? The answer is constant for both scenarios.Not at all.

Choosing a professional automotive detailer is like choosing to eat healthy and make it part of your lifestyle. When you choose a good detailer, only the highest standard of attention to detail is provided to insure your investment is taken care of and that your vehicle stays at its most prime and is maintained, or "healthy" condition. 

Here at the Detail Boss, we're what you want. We aren't the cheap low-grade $3 wash & vacuum down the street, we're professionals who are here for those seeking high quality at a competitive price.

- The Detail Boss

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