Can't see where you're going? Let us shine some light on that for you....

Hey everyone, we just wanted to mention for those of you that don't know, that we also offer professional headlight restoration. We not only restore them to brand new, we seal them so they last where others who restore your lights will not, leaving them susceptable to hazing/clouding over again quickly, especially when exposed to the elements.

What're the top 3 reasons to have your headlights restored you ask?

1) SAFETY - Increase the safety for you, your loved ones, and your vehicle while driving at night. Faded, cloudy & yellowed headlights reduce light projection and road visibility drastically. Leaving headlights in this condition puts you and others at a dangerous risk

2) APPEARANCE - Let's face it, who likes to look at a vehicle and the first thing you notice is a pair of yellow, faded, and cloudy headlights. Restoring your headlights will make your vehicle look more presentable. No one likes to look at old, worn out, and aged parts. Make your's new again!

3) SAVINGS - Restoring your headlights will save on your wallet since the cost of replacement brand new headlights can cost anywhere from $150 to $1700 per set.

After having the Detail Boss restore your headlights, we will warrant them for a guaranteed one year. If they should happen to return to being cloudy or yellow again within that time span (BUT THEY WONT!), we got you covered; we'll restore them again for you free of charge.


- The Detail Boss