No Matter Where You're From, We've Got You Covered


We wanted to let you know that not only will we come to your location to restore your headlights while they're still on your vehicle, but if you're out of state and need them done, just take them out and ship them to us and we'll restore them to new and ship them right back!

A lot of places overcharge for this service, in fact, the owner of these lights is from California. The places in his area are charging over double what we do. In a lot of situations, paying to have them done even with the price of shipping to and from us is still a savings in your pocket compared to other headlight restoration services offered out there.

Let us bring your headlights back to new again, turn around time is only 2-4 days after you ship and we receive your headlights. We restore them as soon as we receive them and package them up and they'll be shipped right back to you. You'll receive them, open the packaging and think you just purchased a brand new set of headlights!


- The Detail Boss

"Select-Team Members of The Air Force One Detailing Team"

"Official Detailers of the Musuem of Flight"