Wrapping the Boating Season Up with the Perfect Detail

Check this out: 2008 E-Ticket Luxury Cat Extraordinary Performance CAT/Deck Boat. Over the last nine years E-Ticket has only built 27 of their 29’ Luxury CATS.  FIVE of those nine years it’s been the winner of POWERBOAT Magazine's Performance Deck Boat of the year. We got to detail this beauty today and it received our full Express Detail Package! Go over to our photo gallery to see the rest of the pictures of this amazing piece of machinery.

Here is a video that the previous owner took of this majestic boat:

Detailing boats is one of our many specialities in Lake Havasu City. If you want your boat to stand out from the rest, let the Detail Boss be your ticket to perfection. We are the only true detailing specialists in Lake Havasu City.

- The Detail Boss

"Select-Team Members of The Air Force One Detailing Team"

"Official Detailers of the Musuem of Flight"