Road Paint Removal

Have you ever driven behind a truck painting fresh lines on the road or driven over fresh paint on the street and your vehicle has it splattered all over it's own paint? Have you ever scraped against something accidentally and paint transferred from the object you side-swiped to your vehicle?

We offer a paint removal service to remove unwanted paint on your vehicle. This is a great way to take peoples' eyes off of where there may be a dent or the paint all together if it is just splattered. No damage is done to your vehicle's paint during this process. Only the transferred paint laying on top of your vehicle's clear coat is removed. Below is a Toyota Tundra we performed this service to.

While the dent wasn't removed and some scuffs to the clear coat remained, removing the surface paint from a pole our client scraped against really improved the look of the fender and front bumper where the collision occured. Had our client wanted the scuffs removed, we could have done this by sanding, resurfacing and polishing the clearcoat out. Here are the pictures:

- The Detail Boss

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