Beautiful 1987 Porsche with less than 28,000 Miles Paint Correction

911 Turbo Restored

As typical, this black on black Porsche 911 Turbo, although in excellent cosmetic shape as well as the interior being mint, was in dire need of some help when it came to the paint condition. Watch the video to check out the transformation!

We performed multiple test spots on different panels of the car, holding up our LED lights to see which section achieved greatest clarity and imperfection removal. Once we honed in our pad and product combination, our polishers removed about 75% of all minor surface imperfections, leaving the black paint on this beauty beaming.


The interior didn't need much besides the leather needing to be rejuvenated. We applied leather treatment and conditioner that not only cleaned the Porsche leather, but brought it back to that supple, soft, and shimmery look that car enthusiasts love.

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