Detail Boss of Scottsdale Now Offering Protective Coatings

We are proud to announce that we now offer protective coatings for your vehicles. We recommend having us apply the coating to the exterior of your vehicle after you have had us perform one of our paint correction packages; this way your paint is swirl-free before we apply the crystal coating that not only outlasts any wax, but adds scratch-resistance, UV protection, and a gloss that even we as professionals are blown away by. The extreme hydrophobic properties (water repellent) aid in reducing water-spots from occurring as well as bird dropping etching, tree sap, and road tar.

Not only do we offer protective coatings for your paint, but for your glass, convertible tops, wheels and carpets. Spills can be blotted with a towel and have minimal cleanup. Contact us today for more info on longevity and to schedule your paint correction and coating package. As always, happy detailing!

-Detail BOSS