Scottsdale Mercedes SL63 Detailed & Corrected; Client Extremely Happy!

Our client received his 2013 Mercedes Benz AMG SL63 brand new from the dealership with holograms, swirls, and deep scratches. Dissatisfied and not willing to risk letting the dealer fix their mistakes, he sought out the professionals; us. Upon arriving to our client's home, we thoroughly washed and dried the car followed by claying to decontaminate the paint. We then inspected the paint under halogen lights to see what we can do to give him the best result for the package he wanted. We ended up doing a one step paint correction to remove the minor scratches and holograms, and for the deeper ones we went around and removed them separately. The result? 80-85% perfection. Watch the video. In sunlight this luxurious beauty is blacker than black.