Honda Accord exterior and interior protected by Ceramic Pro

Brand new, hot off the showroom floor, what do you do? Take your car to the cheap washes in town and have them destroy your paint by using subpar products and harsh brushes/chemicals? Or do you do your research online, find Detail Boss in Scottsdale, and have your new investment fully protected by Ceramic Pro?

The second choice is exactly what our client did. Upon assessing the vehicle, we only had to wash and perform paint correction on a few panels prior to preparing the surface for our 3-5 year glass coating by Ceramic Pro.

Deeply enhancing the gloss and reflection of the deep cherry metallic paint, ceramic pro also has 100% UV protection as well as added scratch resistance and anti static properties so that dirt, mud, water, rubber, tar or gum don't stick to the surface and can easily be washed off with water or wiped away with a soft microfiber cloth. With your vehicle coated, it will stay cleaner longer, and clean up much easier!

Once the exterior was set, we moved to the interior and applied ceramic pro to all seats, plastics, and upholstery to add a satin finish and protect from UV rays.

To add the final touch, we cleaned and prepared each wheel and coated them with Ceramic Pro. This greatly reduces brake-dust and road grime from adhering to the surface of the wheel, as well as making clean-up much easier.

Needless to say, this is probably the nicest and shiniest Honda Accord on the road! For more about who we are and what we do, explore the rest of our website and give us a call. You will see why we are the number one auto detailing company in Scottsdale, providing outstanding workmanship coupled with down to earth and satisfying customer service.