Ceramic Pro 9H Glass Protective Coating Explained

Ceramic Pro is the trusted name in Ceramic Coatings. It's not just a glass coating, it's a ceramic coating with permanent bonding. Ceramic Pro 9H has above 9H scratch resistance, stands up to 2192 degrees Fahrenheit, is chemical resistant and super hydrophobic. It also adds extreme gloss and color enhancement and anti-graffiti properties. These claims and properties are all verified by SGS.

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It has scratch resistance of 9H on pencil test. That doesn't mean that it the coating can't be scratched however that it has the hardness of 9H and even above 9H. The coating is a sacrificial layer to protect the paint so the paint isn't as susceptible to getting scratched as easily. It is multi layer-able so more layers can be added to build a thicker barrier and get even better protection. This is the hardest coating on the market today and if you get a scratch it will most likely be in the coating instead of destroying your paint.