Video opportunity

For all of you wanting a video this year, this is what the video will consist of:
Soundtrack to the video will be an epic/orchestral type.
Footage for video will be a documentary/detailing the plane and personal interviews talking about the plane, presidents, the opportunity of detailing a piece of American history, etc. Your video will contain several photos and videos of you working on the aircraft, as well as pictures of you with any sponsorship banners you may have.

It will be a hybrid of last year's video and the video done in 2013

The price will be $350 up to 15 people. Beyond that the price will go down. Price doubles July 12 (on site).
50% deposit down is required from each person who wants a video. They will then receive their # in line. Those who pay in full will gain priority in the order of which payment is received. Below is the link to pay your deposit! I've also attached the video from last year's project as well as the one we did in 2013! Custom videos will start at $800 up to as crazy as you want it. Message us on the forum for details! See you all in Seattle!

General Video Payment Options