Audi S5 Ceramic Pro = Glass Finish!

This 2008 Audi S5 received our Signature Paint Correction to remove 90%+ of scratches as well as water spots from sprinklers and acid rain. We then proceeded to coat the entire exterior with Ceramic Pro.


Our signature paint correction package starts with a heavy water-based compound and an abrasive lambs-wool cutting pad to knock down any uneven surfaces in the vehicle's clear coat (i.e. scratches, etchings from bugs or water spots). Once complete, the vehicle has an even surface, but has micro marring instilled in the finish due to the micro-abrasion caused by the aggressive pad.

The next steps in the process include using hard to soft foam, and various polishes and micro polishes to remove the marring from the previous step. By the end of the third or fourth step of paint correction, the vehicle's clear coat is so fine tuned and jeweled that you are left with nearly a perfect mirror!

Our Silver Package of Ceramic Pro includes the application of one layer of Ceramic Pro 9H, and a top-coat of Ceramic Pro Light. The combination makes for an incredibly durable undercoat, with the top layer which makes the surface easy to clean, anti-graffiti and adds a shine like you've never seen before! This package comes with a 5 year warranty, and you won't have to wax your car again! Contact us today via text or phone call to set an appointment for us to assess your vehicle and educate you as to why Ceramic Pro is the leader in the automotive nano-coating industry.