McLaren 650S Paint Correction, Detail, Window Tint, Ceramic Pro Installation

There's a common misconception about the color white. Many think that it can't shine or have the gloss like a darker colored car. Some people even think that it doesn't scratch like for instance a black car would. This isn't true. White, when detailed properly, obtains such reflective, brilliant, blindingly-bright properties (when in the sun) it is sometimes almost as rewarding as when we finish a black vehicle.

This 2015 McLaren 650S came in with some minor paint imperfections, but overall had a very dull and non-lustrous finish.

We proceeded to complete a thorough hand-wash, including using Wheel Brushes by SM Arnold to remove brake dust and dirt from daily driving. We pulled her into our detailing bay and examined the paint a little further.

mclaren 650s paint correction


There weren't a whole lot of defects, but we did a few test spots to see what combination worked best for this paint system. We decided to perform our Deluxe Stage II Paint Correction which rendered the finish nearly perfect.

Minor surface defects captured on the hood under LED lighting

Minor surface defects captured on the hood under LED lighting

Upon completion of the paint correction process, we applied 20% window tint all around to give the 650S appearance more contrast.

Ceramic Pro Sport was applied to the exterior surfaces to protect the paint for up to 10 months from environmental variables such as bird droppings, sap, water spots, UV rays, bugs, and tar. Contact Arizona's Premier Detailing Company and Certified Ceramic Pro Installation Center today. We'd love for you to come by for a free estimate to talk about which of our services best suit your wants and needs!


Happy Detailing!


-Chris Parker

Co-Owner/Operator Detail Boss LLC