Lamborghini Superleggera Paint Correction, Ceramic Pro, Paint Protection Film

The 2008 Lamborghini Superleggera is basically a Gallardo, on steroids. How? It's 126 pounds lighter. This is thanks to the many beautiful carbon fiber pieces throughout the $250,000.00 lambo. Mirrors, door panels, rear bonnet, rear spoiler (just to name a few) are finished in a beautiful clear coated carbon fiber that add a level of elegance and prestige that we were surprised made all the difference when comparing to the standard Gallardo.

Finished in a beautiful alcantara interior with matching orange stitching to the paint color, Lamborghini creates yet another masterpiece with their attention to detail.

With 523HP and 376ft/lbs of torque, the mid engine V10 will turn your head just by the sheer sound of it, let alone if you see it coming first.

This detail has quite the laundry list. This is what we performed:

Claybar of all surfaces to remove surface contaminants to ensure proper compounding & polishing, and also to promote proper adhesion of protection to be applied.

Stage 2 paint correction which in this case yielded around 85-90% perfection.

Stage 2 compounding and polishing of both driver and passenger carbon fiber door panels, followed by application of a synthetic sealant

Underside of carbon fiber bonnet compounded and polished

Taillights compounded and polished

Rear carbon fiber spoiler removed, compounded and polished underneath

Rear carbon fiber diffuser compounded and polished.

8 year old Paint Protection Film removed from nose

Paint compounded and polished underneath film

Installation of Suntek self-healing film on full nose, headlights and carbon fiber side mirrors

Ceramic Pro Sport applied to all painted and carbon fiber exterior surfaces

Interior wipe-down

Optima Steam-cleaned engine detail.

The results were impeccable. A brighter, more brilliant orange made for a delight once we pulled it into the sun for photos. Don't miss the video at the top of this write-up! For more information about Ceramic Pro, click here


Happy Detailing!