Bray Windshield Skin Installation for Track Day: Mclaren 675LT


Love to track your car but scared to death of chipping up that expensive or original windshield? With Bray WindowSkins, your windshield can be saved time, and time again from those nasty pits and chips on track day. 

The two layer system is designed for track-use; once the most superficial layer has shown heavy signs of wear, you can simply peel the layer off, revealing a brand new film for additional use. While these skins are an excellent alternative to replacing the windshield, note that due to the thickness of the film, install will not be perfect and slight creases may be visible. 




Shrinking/molding the film to perform final fitment cut


Wet-check to ensure optimal mold is achieved


Final squeegee application to adhere film to the windshield glass