Detail BOSS owners Christian and Chris continue education with Jason Killmer of KXK Dynamics AKA “The SandMan”

Sanding paint isn’t for the faint of heart. One wrong stroke and you could go through the vehicle’s clearcoat, ruining it and compromising its originality if it needs to be resprayed. 


We attended Jason’s Killmer’s sanding course at Renny Doyle’s Detailing Success HQ, located in Big Bear, CA. Jason is known world-wide for his incredible sanding skills on world class automobiles; despite having cerebral palsy, Jason has mastered his craft and trains people across the country. During the course we learned the proper techniques to assess paint texture, what tools and skills are required to tackle tricky corners and seams, and of course the art of hand sanding to minimize paint texture for that perfect mirror finish we all know and love! 



We attend a number of continued education courses, seminars and webinars throughout each year. This allows us to continue to be industry leaders within the art of paint correction and other services we offer to our clientele. Until next time, happy detailing! 


 - Chris Co-owner Detail BOSS

Want to get your hands on some KXK Sanding Stix? Visit Jason’s website here