Porsche Carrera GT in for paint correction and ceramic pro!


This stunning 3800 mile Porsche Carrera GT is in for our stage 2 paint correction to remove minor surface imperfections and prepare the surface for application for our 7 year ceramic coating! The interior, glass and wheel faces are also being protected with Ceramic Pro  


Scottsdale AZ: Ferrari 458 brought to a deep, mirror, show car finish after paint polish and ceramic paint protection coating

Now and then a vehicle arrives to us that completely blows our minds when its complete. This is what drives us in our pursuit of high quality and unmatched results. This Ferrari 458 came to us with heavy scratches, swirls, and imperfections from improper care. While not perfect, we achieved approximately 90% perfection with our Stage 2 paint correction. Not familiar with the process of paint correction? Visit our easy to understand guide by clicking or tapping here.






This Italian stallion also received a full front paint protection film to protect against rock chips from highway and daily driving. We offer XPEL Ultimate as well as Suntek Ultra, both which carry a 10 year warranty against cracking and yellowing. I want paint protection film, take me there now!

Furthermore, the 458 Italia also received our 5 Year Warranted ceramic coating by Ceramic Pro. This offers a 2 layer system in which the first layer applied adds chemical and scratch resistance. The top layer provides a super slick, high-gloss, hydrophobic shield that adds UV protection, not to mention makes cleaning a breeze. Not only are these properties beneficial for ease of cleaning and low maintenance, but even sweeter, having a ceramic coating applied to your vehicle eliminates the need to ever wax it again!

Paint correction specialists and ceramic coatings are not all equal. It is dependent upon detailers' individual skill level, expertise, and attention to detail which determines the final outcome of the results, along with the products they choose to offer. We at Detail Boss are known for our expertise in paint correction and extensive experience with clear coat and installing ceramic coatings. We offer what we feel is the best not only in products we use, but tools, techniques and customer service to our clientele. With 14+ years of combined experience, training, continued educational programs, seminars, webinars, and events we attend, feel confident & comfortable that you are choosing an industry-leading brand.

For more information about what ceramic coatings are, click or tap here!

For more info on this car, and if you're interested in getting behind the wheel, contact our friends over at Skyline Dream Cars! Get in touch with them here.


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2011 Mercedes S63 brought back to life


This 2011 S63 had the usual scratches from improper care and neglect. The owner had his S550 done prior to upgrading to the S63 AMG, so he knew the potential the original black paint had! Below you will see a picture before paint correction took place. 



After test panel; swirls and scratches corrected and removed 

After test panel; swirls and scratches corrected and removed 

We performed our stage 2 paint correction. The results were staggering! While deep scratches that would require additional steps or color sanding to remove, we ruled that overall, about 80% of the defects were removed! Here is an after shot of the trunk.


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Wheel and Caliper protection while enhancing finish


Everyone who has the slightest interest in cars understands that the wheel style can make or break the entire appearance of a vehicle. Why not enhance your wheels while adding superior protection?

We at Detail Boss believe and stress the importance of preventive maintenance. The application of Ceramic Pro, a protective coating that lasts much longer than traditional waxes and much more resistant to heat, can be beneficial when installed on wheels and calipers. The pros? Decreased brake-dust build up (yes, for you BMW and Mercedes peeps, this is a must), anti corrosive, and much easier to clean when they are looking a little dull! Aside from the protective factor, Ceramic Pro or ceramic/glass coatings in general enhance the look and finish of your wheels and calipers.


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