Client in AWE over his Mustang.


We just wanted to share this cool pic capturing one of our client's moments with his Mustang that we just finished our stage 2 paint correction topped with our 6 month exterior ceramic coating! How could you not take photos of this beauty!

Mercedes Benz G63 & G65 V12 received paint correction and Ceramic Pro Paint Protection


This stunning 2016 Mercedes Benz G65 received a plethora of services. Starting with our Ceramic Pro interior coating, the leather, carpets, and upholstery were protected for resistance against staining as well as providing UV protection. We proceeded to paint correct the paint with our Stage 2 paint correction to remove the slight scratches and blemishes in the clear coat. Next, the Ceramic Pro Silver Package was applied to the exterior painted and chrome surfaces of the wagon. Wheel faces were protected for ease of cleaning and to protect against corrosion. To top off the protection, we applied Ceramic Pro Rain to all of the glass. 



Little brother G63 received the same level of service! 



Porsche Panamera in for Ceramic Pro Sport

This beautiful Porsche Panamera came in for its annual check-up after performing our Stage 2 paint correction and Ceramic Pro Silver Package. We performed a thorough exterior wash to rid the surface of any loose dirt and to ensure the coating is still exhibiting its properties. We then applied Ceramic Pro Sport overtop to add a sacrificial layer of protection until its next annual visit! 


2011 Mercedes S63 brought back to life


This 2011 S63 had the usual scratches from improper care and neglect. The owner had his S550 done prior to upgrading to the S63 AMG, so he knew the potential the original black paint had! Below you will see a picture before paint correction took place. 



After test panel; swirls and scratches corrected and removed 

After test panel; swirls and scratches corrected and removed 

We performed our stage 2 paint correction. The results were staggering! While deep scratches that would require additional steps or color sanding to remove, we ruled that overall, about 80% of the defects were removed! Here is an after shot of the trunk.


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