We had the pleasure and opportunity of being interviewed by RJ of RJ is known for finding the latest and greatest in the automotive scene and interviews businesses to gain knowledge and provide his audience with helpful tips within the automotive realm.

He wanted to interview Detail Boss to ask us a variety of questions pertaining to our customers, our likes, and pick our brains about auto detailing.Here is our interview with him.

Detail Boss Interview with Auto Deets



Barrett Jackson Scottsdale 2015

Barrett Jackson 2015 is starting this week right here in Scottsdale Arizona! Be sure to check back here as well as like us on Facebook and Instagram for more updates, pictures and a video showcasing the concours level details performed on nearly a dozen cars and show pieces. From paint correction to full wet sanding to reveal a true mirror finish, we sharpen and push our skills to the limits on these works of art


Is your Detailer trustworthy?

When it comes to your vehicle, your second biggest investment next to your home, think twice about who you trust to maintain it and lay their hands on it. Trust the company who was part of the Air Force One Detail Team. Trust the company who details high-end exotics, priceless classics for Barrett Jackson, and private coaches for NASCAR. Trust the company who has a reputation for high quality and who take care for your vehicle like it's their own. Trust the company where the person you book your appointment with, they're the guys performing the work on your car. Trust the company offering superior products and coatings and stays up to date with the latest technology in the industry. Schedule your appointment today. Trust Detail Boss. Thank you to each and every one of you who support us!


Another Barrett Jackson round of beautiful classic cars detailed

We did it: ten more cars (including a trailer) detailed and polished for Barrett Jackson Auto Auction; this time for Reno, Nevada. Each car received anywhere from spot sanding to remove scratches, panel sanding to remove imperfections and orange peel, as well as our stage 2, signature, and concours level details.

The cars we did were 2 custom Cadillacs, a beautiful 1967 GT500 Eleanor Mustang, two custom pickup trucks (Ford and Chevrolet), three corvettes (one was a 1957 with a 427 motor and modernized interior with all digital gauges and push to start), a Volkswagen Thing (Alcopoco edition), and a custom mustang trailer.

Upon completion of the exteriors of the vehicles, all jambs/nooks and crannies were dusted and cleaned, engine bays detailed, and interiors freshened up and leather seats conditioned. With a thin layer of tire-shine, they were ready for the auction block.

A huge thanks again to our friends and partners at MLAB (Memory Lane Auto Brokers) for always entrusting us to make the vehicles look the best they possibly can and continued business. This auction was a huge feat for us as a detailing company as well as MLAB as a custom classic car restoration facility. Many more great things to come! Barrett Jackson will be returning to Scottsdale Arizona this January and will be held in Las Vegas at the end of September! Enjoy the pics!