Air Force One Detail Team 2015

July 13-18, 2015 marked the third time we have been selected and been a part of the Air Force One Detail Team. We had the extraordinary opportunity to not only detail SAM970, the first jetplane Air Force One, but serial #003 Boeing 787 Dreamliner, F-14 Tomcat, A6 Intruder, FIAT fighter jet, Harrier, and the last remaining DC2 in the world in flying condition. 

The goal during this entire project was to slightly restore, but mostly preserve these aircraft. Our team polished the paint and finessed the 60 year old aluminum on Air Force One, followed by applying an advanced paint sealant to preserve the finish until next year where it will be placed under a pavilion being built by the Museum of Flight.

We'd like to thank every sponsor who made this happen including FLEX, Autogeek and Sonax USA, along with the sponsors who provided our daily lunches! You guys ROCK! As always, huge thank you to each and every team member as well as Renny Doyle and your family! You guys are like family to us. Enjoy the gallery and video!


We had the pleasure and opportunity of being interviewed by RJ of RJ is known for finding the latest and greatest in the automotive scene and interviews businesses to gain knowledge and provide his audience with helpful tips within the automotive realm.

He wanted to interview Detail Boss to ask us a variety of questions pertaining to our customers, our likes, and pick our brains about auto detailing.Here is our interview with him.

Detail Boss Interview with Auto Deets



S550 Mercedes in for paint correction and Ceramic pro 5 layers!

An elegant, classy and prestigious automobile like the S550 built by Mercedes deserves the same level of attention when it comes to both the detail, as well as the finish.

detailboss scottsdale auto detailing

We performed our signature paint correction to remove any blemishes and imperfections from the clear coat. Upon final inspection of the paint, ensuring scratches were removed; we proceeded to apply 4 layers of Ceramic Pro 9H and one layer of Light to all painted surfaces, trim and chrome. The panoramic glass roof, as well as the rear window and windshield were coated with Ceramic Pro. The wheels were thoroughly cleaned, prepped and coated with Ceramic pro 9H and Light.

benz scottsdale

The amount of protection this beautiful Benz now has is second to none. The paint no longer has to be waxed. Ceramic pro, with enough layers, adds extreme scratch resistant properties, anti graffiti, anti static, hydrophobic, and extreme heat resistance up to 1300°F. On wheels, brake dust is cut down and they become clean with little effort. These are just the attributes that protect the finish.

Ceramic pro enhances gloss, depth, and the reflection of your vehicle. The finish it adds is truly the best on the market. For more information about our services and Ceramic Pro, contact us today. We are authorized and certified installers in Scottsdale, Arizona.

ceramic pro scottsdale arizona

Barrett Jackson Scottsdale 2015

Barrett Jackson 2015 is starting this week right here in Scottsdale Arizona! Be sure to check back here as well as like us on Facebook and Instagram for more updates, pictures and a video showcasing the concours level details performed on nearly a dozen cars and show pieces. From paint correction to full wet sanding to reveal a true mirror finish, we sharpen and push our skills to the limits on these works of art