How to choose the proper company for your automotive detailing and paint protection film service needs

When researching for a company to perform detail work or other services on your vehicle, there are a number of factors that should play into your final decision. Many think that the lowest price should dictate what company to choose; but what if the other considerations you may not be aware of could lead you to a happier decision, even if it is a higher price? 

There’s a difference between the price of a service, and the cost. The price is what you pay for the service you’re purchasing up front, while the cost is what you end up spending long-term thereafter the purchase. For example, you find a company that will perform a “stage 3 paint correction and 2 year ceramic coating” for $1,500, and another company is saying the “same” package is $1,000. The first question many ask is. “why are you so expensive?” The question you should be asking is why the other company is so cheap? Often times the cheaper service is not the same quality or standard of the shop that is performing the service at a premium price; whether it be the paint correction is inferior, or the quality of the work as a whole is sub-par. 

Many times we see clients who come to us after a cheaper company did the car, only to point out the flaws in the work to the client. Things like stretch lines in paint protection film, or edges that are peeling within days of installation; paint correction that barely looks like any scratches were attempted to be removed, ceramic coating permanent smears, high spots, inferior coating product brand or the surfaces not even behaving as if they were never coated at all.

Furthermore, let’s say you’re in the market for a new pair of Nike shoes, or that new television; it makes sense to look for the cheapest price; as the product is produced by the same manufacturer and the quality is the same no matter from what retailer you end up buying it. Shopping a service-based business based strictly on price alone, however, is not ideal if you’re looking for a high quality result as there are a variety of different factors that should be weighed before pulling the trigger.

Visiting the businesses you’re thinking about using

This is a huge part of the decision-making process. While websites and online presences can give a small representation of a company, it is always best to make a consultation with a business to have them look your vehicle over with you. This not only aids the company to better quote the job by seeing your vehicle in person, but gives you a chance to meet the owner and get a look at the facility.

Shop Appearance

Is the business to which you’re inquiring have an environment suited for the type of services you’re looking for? Is it well-lit for detailing, ceramic coatings, window tint, vinyl wraps, and/or paint protection film services? Is it clean? Is the facility climate-controlled? It is crucial to have optimal working temperatures, as this has an effect on how window film, vinyl, and PPF apply. It is also a factor in how compounds and polishes break down during paint correction, and how ceramic coatings lay down during install. It also can affect employees and staff temperament if it is an uncomfortable temperature and environment. Cleanliness is also important to consider, especially if paint protection film or window tint is being applied as dirt & debris play a huge part in a clean installation. 

The Detail BOSS facility. Exceptionally Clean, Bright, and climate controlled. Fitted perfect for the fellow car enthusiast’s needs

The Detail BOSS facility. Exceptionally Clean, Bright, and climate controlled. Fitted perfect for the fellow car enthusiast’s needs


Does the business or businesses in question have credentials? Is the staff trained and by who? Certifications? What type of vehicles were in the shop when you visited for a consultation? What type of resume does the business have that they can either show or explain to you that gains your trust?

The Owner(s) 

Have you met with the owner of the company? Does conversation seem scripted or are they being 100% honest with you and establish a sense of trust with you? Are they performing the work on the vehicle, or overseeing every step of their operation to ensure their technicians are performing at the highest standard?

Strictly price shopping a service based business is the last thing a consumer should do. The quality of work, the shop environment, staff qualification, and meeting with the owner(s) should play into your final decision of where your vehicle deserves to be pampered.

We hope this article has helped your decision-making process if you’re torn between who to use; whether you’re in our market here in Arizona, or anywhere else. 

Until next time, happy detailing!

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2018 Porsche 911 Exclusive Edition: Full Body Suntek Ultra Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra)


The Porsche Turbo S 911 Exclusive Edition is immediately noticed from afar with its dominant black stripes, however upon closer inspection, you notice it is real carbon fiber weave shown through the Golden Yellow paint. There is carbon fiber accents noted throughout the vehicle, from the side mirrors, air ducts on the rear, rear spoiler, to the subtly golden woven carbon fiber on the interior; Porsche hasn’t left a detail untouched on this one.

Boasting the 3.8L Flat-Six, the Exclusive puts down a healthy 607HP with 553 lb-ft of torque. With a 0-60 in just 2.8 seconds and a top speed of 205MPH, it all feels so linear in Porsche’s 7 speed PDK Transmission.


The vehicle was brought in from factory and gone over with our client meticulously. We decided to wrap the entire car in Suntek’s Ultra paint protection film (PPF), as this is the best barrier to protect a vehicle’s paint from the elements of our environment (stone chips, sap, tar, bugs, road paint, etc).

The car was first washed, decontaminated with an environmental fallout remover, claybarred, and inspected for imperfections.

Upon completion, we prepped the car for wrap. Many clients who inquire about our PPF services are educated as to how each pattern is custom fitted to ensure all edges are tucked and rolled where possible, leaving a virtually seamless installation.

Finally, we did a post-wash to rid the surface of any install solution, and prepped for application of Ceramic Pro.


With our 5 year package, we coat the film in two different products, 1 layer of each. The first, providing superior and added UV protection to the film, and the second providing an ultra slick, buttery smooth hydrophobic layer to ensure optimal hydrophobicity, gloss, and ease of cleaning. Washing a vehicle was never this easy!

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Below you will find a brief video capturing the wrapping and coating process performed on the Porsche.

Window Tint Laws & Regulations by State

window tint meter arizona scottsdale

Did you know your local law enforcement is equip with a special meter that can measure the darkness of your window tint? The laws vary state-to-state as to what percent darkness you are allowed or not allowed to have on your vehicle. For us Arizonians, it is required to have minimum of 33% light transmission on the front two windows. The rear glass can be as dark as you prefer. Our friends over at Rayno Window Film put together a flow chart showing the laws nationwide across each state. Take a look by clicking here

Client in AWE over his Mustang.


We just wanted to share this cool pic capturing one of our client's moments with his Mustang that we just finished our stage 2 paint correction topped with our 6 month exterior ceramic coating! How could you not take photos of this beauty!