2018 Porsche 911 Exclusive Edition: Full Body Suntek Ultra Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra)


The Porsche Turbo S 911 Exclusive Edition is immediately noticed from afar with its dominant black stripes, however upon closer inspection, you notice it is real carbon fiber weave shown through the Golden Yellow paint. There is carbon fiber accents noted throughout the vehicle, from the side mirrors, air ducts on the rear, rear spoiler, to the subtly golden woven carbon fiber on the interior; Porsche hasn’t left a detail untouched on this one.

Boasting the 3.8L Flat-Six, the Exclusive puts down a healthy 607HP with 553 lb-ft of torque. With a 0-60 in just 2.8 seconds and a top speed of 205MPH, it all feels so linear in Porsche’s 7 speed PDK Transmission.


The vehicle was brought in from factory and gone over with our client meticulously. We decided to wrap the entire car in Suntek’s Ultra paint protection film (PPF), as this is the best barrier to protect a vehicle’s paint from the elements of our environment (stone chips, sap, tar, bugs, road paint, etc).

The car was first washed, decontaminated with an environmental fallout remover, claybarred, and inspected for imperfections.

Upon completion, we prepped the car for wrap. Many clients who inquire about our PPF services are educated as to how each pattern is custom fitted to ensure all edges are tucked and rolled where possible, leaving a virtually seamless installation.

Finally, we did a post-wash to rid the surface of any install solution, and prepped for application of Ceramic Pro.


With our 5 year package, we coat the film in two different products, 1 layer of each. The first, providing superior and added UV protection to the film, and the second providing an ultra slick, buttery smooth hydrophobic layer to ensure optimal hydrophobicity, gloss, and ease of cleaning. Washing a vehicle was never this easy!

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Below you will find a brief video capturing the wrapping and coating process performed on the Porsche.

Window Tint Laws & Regulations by State

window tint meter arizona scottsdale

Did you know your local law enforcement is equip with a special meter that can measure the darkness of your window tint? The laws vary state-to-state as to what percent darkness you are allowed or not allowed to have on your vehicle. For us Arizonians, it is required to have minimum of 33% light transmission on the front two windows. The rear glass can be as dark as you prefer. Our friends over at Rayno Window Film put together a flow chart showing the laws nationwide across each state. Take a look by clicking here

Client in AWE over his Mustang.


We just wanted to share this cool pic capturing one of our client's moments with his Mustang that we just finished our stage 2 paint correction topped with our 6 month exterior ceramic coating! How could you not take photos of this beauty!

Camaro Rewrapped in Avery Pearl White with Blue 3m Vinyl Accents

The beauty about automotive films and vinyls is that you can drastically change the look of your vehicle for a fraction of what it would cost to repaint it. Also, its removable! Take for example this beautiful ZL1 Camaro. It's black, with blue vinyl accents. Let's back up just a second first.

black camaro

The owner wanted to surprise his wife for their wedding Anniversary while they were away. He arranged to have the car dropped off at our location in Scottsdale, Arizona, where we began to clean up the exterior in preparation for the full color-change.

We carefully removed door panels, rear view mirrors, door handles, hood and trunk emblems, rear spoiler, and rear bumper to ensure the most seamless install possible. This creates the illusion that the car is in-deed painted the color, but in actuality it is just vinyl overtop of the paint!

Partially wrapped, rear bumper and other pieces removed for a tucked, seamless appearance

Partially wrapped, rear bumper and other pieces removed for a tucked, seamless appearance

New vinyl stripes printed to lay over the pearl white vinyl

New vinyl stripes printed to lay over the pearl white vinyl

zl1 camaro front carbon with vinyl
camaro black wheels az

His wife was obviously stunned when she saw her camaro transformed. Upon completing the wrap install, we performed a very mild polish to the vinyl to remove any fine abrasions that were put in during the install. We then topped the vinyl with Ceramic Pro. This adds protection to the vinyl as well as possesses it with easy-cleaning and hydrophobic properties. For more about Ceramic Pro, click here!