2004 Ferrari Challenge Stradale Signature Paint Correction High-End Detail

The Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale derives directly from the Ferrari 360 Modena with one thing in mind; the track. Ferrari gave the CS a hefty weight reduction of 110kg by removing anything that wasn't needed for functionality. With upgraded brakes, F1 gearbox and tweaked aerodynamics to increase down-force by 50%, is it any wonder these automobiles are not just beautiful, but a well sought-after, rare Italian machine. More photos and info on this exact car can be found here.

Our job was simple: bring the paint back to as close-to-new condition as possible. With 4 stages of paint correction, up to 90+% of all surface scratches were removed. The paint did contain a defect known as solvent-pop. This is the condition in which solvents from the preparation in the factory evaporate through the finished paint and cause tiny little pore impressions to form in the finish. This is common on older vehicles, especially early 2000 Porsches.

Post paint-correction, we rinsed the Stradale to rid the surface and nooks of any compounding or polishing dust that made its way into the can't-reach areas including jambs and engine compartment. After blowing-dry to minimize risk of scratching, we applied our 3 month sealant to enhance the gloss and color of the elegant Blu Tour de France, and really make the metallic flake pop!

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