McCall's Motorworks Revival Event + The Quail: A Motorsports Gathering

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The pinnacle of all things automobile, Monterrey Car Week has so many events for car enthusiasts it will make even the craziest car fanatic's head spin. Our mission during this week was to prepare and shine up all the rare, exotic and classic cars alike for the notorious McCall Motorworks Revival Event at the Monterrey Jet Center, and at The Quail. For Gordon McCall's event, we performed a little bit of everything with our team; from basic wipe and prep, to paint corrections, sealants and even coatings, these extraordinary vehicles looked spectacular for the main event in the evening. Aside from cars from Ferrari (both old and new), the new Ford GT, hypercars like the Koenigsegg and Porsche 918, there were also several aircraft that were flown in for the party. Gordon McCall puts on one hell of a show, and we along with the entire Gordon McCall Detailing Team would like to thank you Gordon for inviting us and being an awesome host! For more about the McCall Motorworks Revival Event, visit Gordon's link here

After a night full of good food, cocktails, and rubbing shoulders with VIP's like John Hennessey and Camilo Pardo (the designer of the Ford GT), our next stop for the week was The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering.

Staged on the Quail Lodge fields, this show is the elite of the elite of high-end automobiles. Koenigseggs, Bugatti (both the Chiron and Veyrons were present), Concept One, Karma, Audi, Lamborghini, Ferrari, only begin to scratch the surface of the rare and phenomenal brands of eye-candy represented at this event.

A hive of Koenigseggs we prepared for The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering. The centerpiece? The only Koenigsegg Regera in the country.

A hive of Koenigseggs we prepared for The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering. The centerpiece? The only Koenigsegg Regera in the country.


This was our first time at Car Week, and it surely won't be our last! A huge thank you to P&S Detailing Products, Bob & Dave Phillips, Renny & Diane Doyle, Gordon McCall, and every team member who made this week a success and one that has made dreams become a reality!

For all your detailing needs, trust your investment with those who surround themselves with like-minded entrepreneurial professionals who treat YOUR vehicle like their own. When it comes to detailing, there's only one Detail BOSS.

Until next time, happy detailing all.



Porsche 993 Exclusive by Arizona Premier Detail Company

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porsche ccw

Many of our clients own Porsche's, but it isn't very often we get to lay our hands on a 993. This beautiful Porsche 993 Carrera 911 was crying for some attention. Wearing the stunning Forest Green Metallic Paint and fitted with custom gold CCW wheels, this car isn't for everyone, but we thought it was too cool.

The car was sitting in a vacant lot owned by a man down in Mesa who had the car in his possession for many years our client shared. Once purchased, he and his brother wrenched on the car, modifying it to their hearts' content. One modification that we noticed instantly was the incredibly loud custom straight pipe exhaust system they had welded together!


Aside from the beauty of this vehicle from afar, our assessment of this Porsche concluded it was in need of some serious, serious attention.

Scratches, swirls, and everything in between caused by improper care for nearly two decades

Scratches, swirls, and everything in between caused by improper care for nearly two decades

porsche hood scratches
marred paint finish 993

After discussing options with our client, he decided he wanted our Deluxe Stage 2 Paint Correction Package coupled with Ceramic Pro Sport to give the finish up to 10 months of protection against UV rays and the harsh elements of the environment, oh yeah.....and gloss.

Due to Porsche's having softer clear-coat, this was advantageous in that the 2 stages of paint correction performed (compounding, then polishing) yielded a much greater perfection rate than it would on say a Mercedes (known for very hard clear-coat) in the same condition. We achieved around 85-90% perfection. The only scratches left were those that would require color-sanding to remove.

Before paint correction

Before paint correction

After paint correction

After paint correction

Several panels also had dings/dents that we had removed. These areas included the hood, driver door, and passenger rear quarter panel.






Stay tuned for more news, updates, and blog posts about the awesome vehicles our clients bring in to our Scottsdale location! As always, happy detailing!


-Detail Boss

Ceramic Pro 9H Glass Protective Coating Explained

Ceramic Pro is the trusted name in Ceramic Coatings. It's not just a glass coating, it's a ceramic coating with permanent bonding. Ceramic Pro 9H has above 9H scratch resistance, stands up to 2192 degrees Fahrenheit, is chemical resistant and super hydrophobic. It also adds extreme gloss and color enhancement and anti-graffiti properties. These claims and properties are all verified by SGS.

ceramic pro 9H scottsdale car detailing detail boss SGS International Institute

It has scratch resistance of 9H on pencil test. That doesn't mean that it the coating can't be scratched however that it has the hardness of 9H and even above 9H. The coating is a sacrificial layer to protect the paint so the paint isn't as susceptible to getting scratched as easily. It is multi layer-able so more layers can be added to build a thicker barrier and get even better protection. This is the hardest coating on the market today and if you get a scratch it will most likely be in the coating instead of destroying your paint.

Air Force One Detail Team 2015

July 13-18, 2015 marked the third time we have been selected and been a part of the Air Force One Detail Team. We had the extraordinary opportunity to not only detail SAM970, the first jetplane Air Force One, but serial #003 Boeing 787 Dreamliner, F-14 Tomcat, A6 Intruder, FIAT fighter jet, Harrier, and the last remaining DC2 in the world in flying condition. 

The goal during this entire project was to slightly restore, but mostly preserve these aircraft. Our team polished the paint and finessed the 60 year old aluminum on Air Force One, followed by applying an advanced paint sealant to preserve the finish until next year where it will be placed under a pavilion being built by the Museum of Flight.

We'd like to thank every sponsor who made this happen including FLEX, Autogeek and Sonax USA, along with the sponsors who provided our daily lunches! You guys ROCK! As always, huge thank you to each and every team member as well as Renny Doyle and your family! You guys are like family to us. Enjoy the gallery and video!