Porsche Carrera GT in for paint correction and ceramic pro!


This stunning 3800 mile Porsche Carrera GT is in for our stage 2 paint correction to remove minor surface imperfections and prepare the surface for application for our 7 year ceramic coating! The interior, glass and wheel faces are also being protected with Ceramic Pro  


RARE Jaguar XJ220 Prepped & Detailed for Russo & Steele at Monterey Car Week

We here at Detail BOSS are known world-wide for our paint correction expertise. We really let the cat out of the bag with this one! This 1993 Jaguar XJ220 is an absolute time capsule. The fastest production car at the time, the Jaguar XJ220 was at the top of its game until the Mclaren F1 debuted.

We performed our signature level paint correction to bring this kitty up to a show-stopping finish for the Russo & Steele car Auction held in Monterey, California during the infamous Monterey Car Week. A huge thank you to EMG Motor Group for their friendship, trust and the privilege to be involved in this project!

We are located in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona and take pride in our professionalism and artistic ability when it comes to paint correction and ceramic protective coatings for our clientele's automobiles. Enjoy the video production of what could be a once in a lifetime opportunity!


First Ferrari 488 GTB Detailed on the East Coast!

488 detail boss scottsdale professional

We had the extraordinary opportunity to be a part of detailing the first Ferrari 488 GTB delivered on the east coast. We performed a multi-stage paint correction alongside our friends over at Distinct Detailing in Flemington, New Jersey.

Holograms in clear-coat can be seen in direct sun. Notice the "spiderweb" 3D holographic effect to the paint due to improper buffing procedures from the factory.

Holograms in clear-coat can be seen in direct sun. Notice the "spiderweb" 3D holographic effect to the paint due to improper buffing procedures from the factory.

After paint correction, a hazeless, perfect sun can be seen in the reflection of the rear fender

After paint correction, a hazeless, perfect sun can be seen in the reflection of the rear fender

Removing all imperfections prior to the Ceramic Pro Silver package application, this pony was jeweled to a smooth, glass-like finish and topped with Ceramic Pro 9H and Light for up to 5 years of durable protection. It will no longer need to be waxed or require any sort of protection.

Ceramic Coatings are an artificial clear coat that forms a molecular bond to your vehicle's finish, adding a sacrificial barrier that is a harder, more durable layer that adds scratch resistant and anti-graffiti properties against ink, tar, bugs and road paint. In addition to its anti-stick and anti-static properties, ceramic coatings will also allow your vehicle to clean up much easier!

ceramic clear coat ferrari exotic arizona detailing

Our paint correction process removes imperfections such as: water spots, scratches, sand-marks and holograms that were not properly removed from the factory, as well as environmental fallout.

We are Detail BOSS, Scottsdale's Premier Auto Detailing Company. We are located in sunny Scottsdale Arizona. We service Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Chandler and everywhere in between! 

For more information on our protective coatings, click here.

For more information on our paint correction process, click here.

Porsche GT3 in for extensive Detail, PPF, Paint Correction, Paint Protection by Ceramic Pro

It is always fascinating to see the transformation on a vehicle that is an icon. This 2010 Porsche GT3 received our Signature Paint Correction. This is the process in which we perform multiple stages of compounding and polishing to reflow and remove imperfections in the clear-coat to yield as close to an imperfection-free finish as possible. For more information on paint correction, click here.

We also performed a wheel-off detail where we removed the wheels, steam cleaned the suspension and brake system, as well as the wheels and wheel barrels. Upon completion of the deep cleanse, we protected the wheels and calipers with Ceramic Pro, a durable coating that repels brake dust and prevents corrosion, as well as aids in easy-cleaning. This is also available for your vehicle's paint which we also applied to this beautiful Porsche. For more info on our paint coating packages, click here.

Once paint corrected, we wrapped the entire exterior in XPEL Ultimate Self-Healing Film. This will provide a sacrificial barrier over the paint from any environmental variables. Custom plotted and fitted special for this vehicle, side markers, tail and headlights, as well as the inner linings of the fender wells were removed to ensure as seamless and clean of an install as possible. Included is a 10-year manufacturer warranty against yellowing and any film defects! Visit our paint protection film page for more information on XPEL and Suntek film solutions that we offer. Click here.

Once the film installation was complete, we provided 2 layers of Ceramic Pro on top of the film. We offer this as an option so that your paint protection film has a UV protective, hydrophobic (water-fearing, or in other words, LOTS of water beads that aid in self-cleaning!) surface that allows clear bra/PPF to behave and act more like paint. No more static-cling! Dust, tar and bugs wash off with much more ease than without a coating. We also protected the leather and carpets with Ceramic Pro. It's important to protect your vehicle's interior as UV rays can damage and fade your leather and plastics.

Overall, the end result of this GT3 was simply stunning. Near total perfection (nothing in this world is perfect), we've never seen a race car look so dang pretty!

Happy Detailing!