Camaro Rewrapped in Avery Pearl White with Blue 3m Vinyl Accents

The beauty about automotive films and vinyls is that you can drastically change the look of your vehicle for a fraction of what it would cost to repaint it. Also, its removable! Take for example this beautiful ZL1 Camaro. It's black, with blue vinyl accents. Let's back up just a second first.

black camaro

The owner wanted to surprise his wife for their wedding Anniversary while they were away. He arranged to have the car dropped off at our location in Scottsdale, Arizona, where we began to clean up the exterior in preparation for the full color-change.

We carefully removed door panels, rear view mirrors, door handles, hood and trunk emblems, rear spoiler, and rear bumper to ensure the most seamless install possible. This creates the illusion that the car is in-deed painted the color, but in actuality it is just vinyl overtop of the paint!

Partially wrapped, rear bumper and other pieces removed for a tucked, seamless appearance

Partially wrapped, rear bumper and other pieces removed for a tucked, seamless appearance

New vinyl stripes printed to lay over the pearl white vinyl

New vinyl stripes printed to lay over the pearl white vinyl

zl1 camaro front carbon with vinyl
camaro black wheels az

His wife was obviously stunned when she saw her camaro transformed. Upon completing the wrap install, we performed a very mild polish to the vinyl to remove any fine abrasions that were put in during the install. We then topped the vinyl with Ceramic Pro. This adds protection to the vinyl as well as possesses it with easy-cleaning and hydrophobic properties. For more about Ceramic Pro, click here!


The 2016 Corvette Z06 Makeover Detail

This Corvette Z06 came to us as any other "ordinary" (if you'd call it that) Laguna blue vette, and left as a one-of-a-kind masterpiece designed by our client with a little influence from our artistic eye.

Receiving our stage 2 paint correction to remove any imperfections in the finish from the factory, the result was simply stunning. Surprisingly, compared to other vehicles in the industry the corvette C7/Stingray/Z06 come from the factory with very few blemishes in comparison with high-end brands such as Ferrari, Mclaren, and even Tesla.  

paint correction best arizona scottsdale

Next, a post-operative rinse to ensure compound and polish dust is rid from the surface. After blowing dry with our filtered, heated blower, we proceeded to begin the XPEL Ultimate paint protection film install on the full nose which includes hood, bumper, front fenders and mirrors.

Fitted and tucked installation of XPEL Ultimate Self-Healing Film on Full Nose: Best protection against rock chips!

Fitted and tucked installation of XPEL Ultimate Self-Healing Film on Full Nose: Best protection against rock chips!

Next, the orange vinyl accents along the exterior carbon fiber front splitter, side skirts, louvers and hood were applied. We color-matched as close as possible to the factory carbon flash hood scoop to vinyl wrap the hood along one of the body lines with 3M gloss black metallic. The front emblem was also removed & reinstalled to ensure the cleanest aesthetic look.

Mid-install of vinyl on hood prior to fine trimming

Mid-install of vinyl on hood prior to fine trimming

vinyl custom arizona scottsdale quality best

The windows were also tinted in Suntek HP 5%. This alone completely changed the look and aggression-factor of this beauty! 

Rear window film shrinking process prior to installation

Rear window film shrinking process prior to installation

Post-install of window-tint, vinyl, and clear bra, we gave it yet another wash to remove any dust or smudges from the surface to give the car a final prep prior to applying Ceramic Pro.

Receiving our Ceramic Pro Silver Package, waxing or any form of paint protection will no longer be necessary for the next 5 years. With our protective paint coatings, your vehicle will stay cleaner longer, possess scratch resistant properties, and always have that brand-new shine after each and every wash. Our client was literally speechless upon delivery. Contact Arizona's premier detailing company for all your high-end luxury, exotic, and economy needs. From paint correction, vinyl wraps, window tint or paint protection film, we can design a package that will protect and enhance your vehicle like its never been before.

z06 lifevantage

Porsche Cayman in for a Full Avery Red Chrome Vinyl Wrap and Ceramic Pro!

porsche vinyl wrap scottsdale arizona

Our client came to us with a vision of transformation for his 2015 Porsche Cayman. The car was black and he wanted it red chrome.

We vinyl wrapped the entire car in Avery Red Chrome Vinyl, accompanied by an off-center euro-style silver chrome racing stripe down the driver side. The car also had window tint installed all around and all tail lights/headlights and marker lights tinted as well. Side glass was tinted with 20%, rear glass 5%.

Unlike all other vinyl wrap companies, we gave the chrome wrap the BOSS touch with our delicate jeweling polish to remove 80+% of minor surface scratches that were instilled during the installation process. We then protected the vinyl by applying Ceramic Pro 9H to give the surface some scratch resistant and anti-corrosive properties, as well as Ceramic Pro Light to possess the vinyl with paint-like characteristics such as a slick, smooth, anti-static finish, not to mention the insane rich gloss and UV protection to extend the life of the vinyl!

vinyl wrap red chrome
ceramic pro vinyl wrap arizona

You may ask yourself, "what is vinyl?". Vinyl is a material that many car enthusiasts choose to use if they are looking to alter the appearance of their vehicle. From accents such as a black roof, chrome deleted trim, different colored mirrors, or a full-body wrap, vinyl is a less expensive and removable alternative to permanently repainting your entire vehicle. Vinyl wraps will also keep the originality of your vehicle; come time to sell, simply remove the vinyl and your vehicle will be back to the way it was.

Detail BOSS: Your solution for auto detailing, vinyl wraps, paint protection film, paint correction and window tint! Enjoy the exclusive video below. For more info about vinyl wraps, click here

2016 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon in for StarWars Graphics & Ceramic Pro Treatment

A white 2016 Jeep Rubicon was brought to our detail center by one of our VIP clients. He is using the truck for daily driving as well as offroading, so having the paint in perfect condition was not a priority, although being brand new, was extremely nice to begin with.

With our client and his family being StarWars fans, they wanted "Rubicon" removed from each side of the hood and replaced with Storm Trooper #FN-2187.

Removing "RUBICON" lettering via heat

Removing "RUBICON" lettering via heat

vinyl graphics arizona

We also color-matched the front windows to the factory tinted rear glass with 19% window film. This protects against UV rays so your vehicle's interior won't fade from the sun.


window tint scottsdale

We installed the Ceramic Pro Silver Package on all exterior painted and plastic surfaces to give this Rubicon up to 5 years of protection against minor scratches, bird droppings and bug etchings, water spots, as well as anti static and anti tar properties. After an offroad excursion, the paint will clean up with extreme ease.

Ceramic Pro application scottsdale arizona jeep

Aside from the protective properties that all of our Ceramic Pro packages offer, you cannot beat the high-gloss finish it adds to your vehicle's appearance. White looks brighter, deeper, smoother. For more information about Ceramic Pro and glass coatings in general, click here

From the premier detailing company and authorized/certified Ceramic Pro Installation Center in Scottsdale, Arizona, happy detailing!


Ceramic Pro 9H Glass Protective Coating Explained

Ceramic Pro is the trusted name in Ceramic Coatings. It's not just a glass coating, it's a ceramic coating with permanent bonding. Ceramic Pro 9H has above 9H scratch resistance, stands up to 2192 degrees Fahrenheit, is chemical resistant and super hydrophobic. It also adds extreme gloss and color enhancement and anti-graffiti properties. These claims and properties are all verified by SGS.

ceramic pro 9H scottsdale car detailing detail boss SGS International Institute

It has scratch resistance of 9H on pencil test. That doesn't mean that it the coating can't be scratched however that it has the hardness of 9H and even above 9H. The coating is a sacrificial layer to protect the paint so the paint isn't as susceptible to getting scratched as easily. It is multi layer-able so more layers can be added to build a thicker barrier and get even better protection. This is the hardest coating on the market today and if you get a scratch it will most likely be in the coating instead of destroying your paint.