New Car Detailing

New Car Detailing, Ceramic Paint Coatings, and Dealership Paint Correction


     Here at Detail Boss, we have seen it all. The reality of the matter is that most of today's new cars’ finishes are very disappointing. This goes not only for your General Motors, Dodge and Toyota manufacturers, but also your high end/high dollar exotics such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin and even Bentley. For car enthusiasts, buying a new vehicle is a great feeling. That “new car smell”, the rubber nubs still on the tires, the feeling of first turning the key, and the brand new paint glistening in the sun. It is this last part that has had us troubled at the Detail Boss though. We frequently get phone calls from customers who have recently purchased a new vehicle. When asked what kind of detail they would like, they often reply something along the lines of “well, it is a brand new car so it doesn’t need much.” The unfortunate fact is that statement often proves to be a bit off base.

     Whether it happens at the factory, during shipping, or at the dealership, many new cars show signs of paint flaws and defects even before you take delivery. We often find “pig tail” marks caused by contaminants on the paint when polishing (or D/A sanding which factories use to remove paint contamination such as dust in the clear), hologramming from improper buffing techniques, and wet sanding marks on cars that should have a flawless finish. This isn’t just a problem with high production number economy cars, we have found these kind of marks on a high end Lamborghini's and Ferrari's alike! Luckily these scratches and imperfections are not usually permanent and can be corrected. Our typical new car detail would be our Deluxe Detail for the exterior which includes a one stage correction step and protective coating designed to last 6-8 months, as well as an interior vacuum, wipe down/dressing, two-stage window cleaning, and application of leather protection (when applicable).


Would you be happy if your new car was delivered like this?


     Cars with perfectly good paint are often machine buffed by an unskilled detailer. It's completely possible in the eyes of the detailer that the results they are producing look great! That would be because the product they're using is masking or concealing the swirls they are instilling as they are buffing. The unsuspecting owner is happy to pick up their shiny, bright new car but after washing the car a several times, the product the last detailer applied begins to wear off and the unsightly swirls show up. Paint in this kind of condition can't be considered anything less than horrendous, and even that may be an understatement.

     The owner is usually distraught and heartbroken at the sight of the horrendous looking paint on their car and at a loss as to how to undo the damage and restore the car's paint to a showroom new finish.


Get it back from us corrected, the right way, looking like this:


     Often times dealerships will offer services such as “lifetime paint sealant” and say that if you purchase this, you will never have to wax your car again! This idea of a coating for your car that would protect it forever is a fantastic one and we wish it were true, but unfortunately there is nothing on the market that will protect your paint forever. Even thick vinyl coatings like clear bra need to be refreshed at some point during your vehicle’s lifetime, depending on maintenance. Protect your investment. Most vehicles travel great distances to get to the dealership then sit on its lot. Our new car detail will give your vehicle a complete initial level of protection so that your vehicle can remain looking new. Bring your car to the Detail Boss and ask for a New Car Detail and enjoy your brand new vehicle looking the way it should have looked when you drove it off the showroom floor. The level of detail your new vehicle needs is dependent on several factors. It's best to schedule an appointment with us for a walkthrough assessment to determine what is wanted/needed. For more information on protecting your vehicle with one of our durable ceramic coatings, visit our Ceramic Pro page here.



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