Before: 40% window film

Before: 40% window film

After: 5% window film

After: 5% window film


Welcome to the Detail Boss, the premier facility for Scottsdale Window Tinting!

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Why choose Detail Boss?

  • We use the latest in window film installation technology

  • We use Borderless Application Technology to ensure a sleek installation

  • Color-stable Manufacturer backed Lifetime Warranty guaranteed from fading and turning purple

  • Day/Nighttime Glare Reduction

  • 99% UV blockage with heat rejection

  • Protects your vehicle's interior

  • Improves the appearance of your vehicle

  • No Frequency Interference

We are an established business with a world renowned reputation in the automotive detailing industry. You can expect the same excellent quality and workmanship when we tint your vehicle. We service the entire valley; Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, Mesa, Phoenix! Your satisfaction and comfort is our priority. When you call or text, you will be talking to either owner Christian or Christopher who will walk you through the selection process and educating you along the way. We are here to exceed your expectations!

What is Window Tint?

Window tint is a transparent and often times darker film that is applied to the interior of your vehicle's window(s).

Why do I want tinted windows on my vehicle?

  • Added Level of Privacy: Ever drive around and wish you didn't feel like everyone was looking at you? Window tint prevents glancing eyes and people next to you in traffic from peaking into your vehicle.

  • Decrease Distracting Glare: Tinted windows are less susceptible to glare from the sun or other reflective objects.

  • Decreases Heat Absorption: With our ceramic film option, you can decrease the heat absorption in your vehicle up to 63%. We know every one of those percent count in the Arizona summers!

  • Protect Personal Belongings: Depending on the percentage of tint you have applied to your vehicle, your windows will be much more difficult to see through from the outside while still giving you great viability from the inside.

  • Protect The Interior: Due to the fact that our window tint blocks 99% of harmful UV rays, this reduces the possibility of fading on your vehicles interior over time.

  • It Looks Awesome!: Adding darker tint can enhance the look of any vehicle!

How does it work?

Window tint is a polyester film that is applied to the inside of a vehicle's window using a water based solution. Both the window and film are sprayed with this solution, activating the adhesive on the film. Once the film is applied, the solution is pressed out from between the film and the window, and the self-activated pressure adhesive allows the film to adhere to the glass. Window film is designed to reflect solar radiation and UV rays, but the amount in which it does so depends on the level of darkness of the film applied, and whether the film is ceramic. Window tint is like sun-block for your windows!

I have heard tinting windows can cause issues with cell phone and GPS reception. Does yours?

No. We use a ceramic non-metallic film. Metallic-based, lower quality films will affect GPS and cell phone reception. The installation of our films will not affect your cell phone or GPS reception!

I have called several shops in the area and have gotten cheaper quotes for a window tint installation. Why is yours more expensive?

This is a question we get a lot. Our brand and reputation is only as good as the work and results we produce so we only offer the highest quality in automotive window films to our customers. They are color-stable guaranteed (it won't turn purple like a lot of vehicles you may see in traffic). Many shops will be cheaper but offer a lower quality film that won't last. Just like in auto detailing, you get what you pay for! Many shops will quote you their lowest quality film just to get you in the door. We aren't about that. We offer you the best products because you deserve it.

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How is window tint installed?

We hand-cut all of our window film installations to ensure maximum coverage, using borderless shave technology that will leave your glass with no light gaps.

What is Ceramic Window Film (Tint)?

Ceramic film contains tiny ceramic/carbon particles within the film which deflect up to 50% of solar heat, keeping your interior not only protected from UV damage, but cut down on heat during the hotter months we have here in sunny Arizona.

What is Color-Stable Window Film (Tint)?

Color stable film is a dyed film with no sort of carbon or ceramic particles within the film to block or reject heat. This film-type is simply for UV rejection and to achieve the aesthetic look that window tint adds to a vehicle.

Avoid Cheap Film

Saving money now will cost you more in the long run. Cheap film results in these problems:

  • Adhesion Failure

  • Bubbles

  • Color change

  • Cracking and Fading

  • Peeling

  • Frequency interference with cell phones and GPS

Films We Offer

We offer Suntek's full line of premium window films. Suntek Carbon is our standard film. Our ceramic films are Suntek CXP & Suntek CIR. Please see chart below for specification comparisons!


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