Semi-Permanent Tire-Shine Coating

If you are tired of having tire shine sling from your tires onto your paint, or having to reapply it time after time after each car wash, why not have us install our semi permanent tire shine that lasts at least 6-months?

With our tire coatings, you can expect long-lasting shine with minimal upkeep. Once applied, tires can be driven in mud, rain, or any climate and with a simple wash or wipe-down of the tires, your tires will look as good and clean as they did when they left our facility.

After the product cures, it forms a bond over the rubber that does not allow dirt and grime to imbed in the surface any longer. You can touch the tire, and no residue will remove onto your finger. What does this mean? No sling, no dull tires, and they will always stay nice.

Not a Tire-Shine Person? We offer Matte Finish as Well!

We have clients who like the more natural look with no shine; whether its due to personal preference or because they don't like their shine slinging all over their vehicle, we understand. The good news is that we also offer a matte-finish tire coating. This involves the same process and will leave the tire looking like fresh brand new rubber, only it will not be imbedded with dirt or grime and will clean up as easily as mentioned above. If you have white-walls on your classic car, we can also apply a matte or clear-finish coating to white walls or white lettering.


Prices vary due to the variety in tire sizes. Please e-mail or text photos of your vehicle to allow us to give you a more accurate quote.

Call and schedule your permanent tire-coating today!