What's the difference between carnauba wax and polymer-based paint sealants?

So what's the difference between the two? Hopefully this will make it an easier understanding for those who are carnauba enthusiasts and are curious about sealants and vice versa.

Carnauba Wax

Car enthusiasts love this stuff and so do we as detailers. Derived from palm trees in Brazil, carnauba is a hard wax that forms over the leaves to protect them against UV Rays and the sweltering sun. Leaves, through photosynthesis release oxygen into the atmosphere, so carnauba is semipermeable. This means it lets the plant "breathe", but at the same time keeps harmful variables out. The same idea transfers when carnauba is applied to paint.

When you see a product that says "100% Carnauba Wax", this does not mean that the product is 100% Carnauba as a whole. This simply means the concentration of carnauba wax used in the solution or liquid is 100%. Carnauba wax in its natural form is rock hard, so it has to be processed and broken down in factories using oils, petroleum distillates and other chemicals that soften the wax.

Now, let's get into the protection and gloss factor of Carnauba. When applied, carnauba wax gives paint a deep, natural yet almost glowing shine which we all know and love. The more carnauba wax applied and concentration of it in the brand you choose, the more shine.

Carnauba should be applied every 2-4 weeks but is claimed to last 6-8 depending on climate and how much the vehicle is driven and if it is garage kept. We give it lower durability rating because we live in the hot desert where the sun is unforgiving!

What's the verdict with Carnauba wax? Its excellent for short lasting protection and a shine that any car enthusiast will fall in love with.

Polymer-based Sealants

This is the "synthetic wax" of the industry, if you will. It is chemically designed to cling and bind to clear coat and act as a "shell" to protect from environmental variables such as road salt, cinders, and UV rays. While carnauba lasts a few weeks, a good paint sealant can last anywhere from a few months up to a year! Enthusiasts say that carnauba wax has a natural shine that melts into the paint, while paint sealants give a vehicle that invisible cloak-look that makes paint look like liquid glass.

With an industry where technology is ever-advancing, the liquid glass-look is a popular choice among many detailers. The beauty of both paint sealants and carnauba is this: Why settle for one? If you love the natural look of carnauba and want the long lasting protection of a paint sealant, both can be applied. We apply a polymer-based paint sealant to give your car the long lasting durability and the great shine that comes with it, then we stack a layer of a carnauba wax to enhance the gloss and color of the vehicle. This way, you have the dazzling shine of carnauba (for the first few weeks after the detail) with the long lasting durability of the paint sealant.

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