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We offer premium level ceramic surface protective coatings for various surfaces and applications throughout your home. Its your biggest investment, why not protect it and make cleaning that much easier?


What is a Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coatings are sanitary coating systems that create a stain, scratch, and chemical resistant barrier on whichever surface it is applied. They provide high-gloss, slick, and temperature resistant protection. It forms a permanent bond to your appliances, countertops, shower glass, sinks, and outdoor furniture. Interested in having a ceramic coating applied to your vehicle? Read more on our automotive coating page by clicking here.

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What is the advantage of coating my home?

People often talk about having their vehicle(s) being protected with a ceramic coating to protect from the elements and stay cleaner longer, but what about areas within and around your home?

Used often in the automotive industry, applying a ceramic coating to your vehicle's exterior provides durable protection against variables in the environment. This same concept is applied to the surfaces within your home. Utilizing nanotechnology, coatings provide anti-graffiti properties (no more sticky stove tops!), ease of cleaning, and add a hydrophobic (water-fearing) effect to the surfaces to which its applied. Home coatings also protect against corrosion, oxidation, and build-up of dirt, grime, and scum. This means cleaning your amenities less, staying cleaner longer, and lasting longer!

Other benefits of protecting your home include:

  • Keeping stainless steel appliances cleaner and streak-free
  • Keeping glass (shower doors/windows) cleaner and resist hard water spots; and also makes it easy to clean
  • Repels liquids on fabrics and laminated leather which resists in the prevention of staining and discoloration
  • Makes all coated surfaces easier to clean and stay cleaner longer
  • Creates a sanitary surface on countertops and appliances
  • Anti-graffiti properties allow marker, paint, and other debris a cinch to remove from coated surfaces
  • Aids in the prevention of rust and corrosion on outdoor furniture
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How does the coating work?

Using nanotechnology, coatings form a molecular bond to the surface. This creates a durableyet flexible, protective layer which separates your home's surfaces from the daily conditions of living. Coatings have been popular in Europe for the last decade and have been growing exponentially in the United States.

By decreasing surface tension, coatings make any surface stay cleaner longer, and make them much easier to clean because molecules have a more difficult time bonding to a less porous substrate

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What areas/items in my home can I protect with a coating?

Kitchens, countertops (sealed), ovens, stove tops, convection ovens, grills, stainless steel appliances, shower doors, shower tile (sealed), inside/outside of toilets, sinks, and most cabinets can all be protected with our coating. Other items include:

  • Couches
  • Light Fixtures
  • Handbags
  • Playsets
  • Watches
  • Shoes
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Do I need to have the items I want coated cleaned prior to scheduling ?

Yes, or we can provide this service for a premium fee


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