Sun Damage, Clear Coat Failure, and the Negative Effects On Your Car's Paint

Sunshine is good for almost everything. However, one thing in-particular it's not good for is the clear coat and paint on your vehicle. You might be thinking, "What can I do to prevent this from happening?" We have the solution!

Here at the Detail Boss, we offer many services to correct paint, but preventative maintenance is the key factor in keeping your investment's finish looking new. Many people are "do-it-yourselfers" who say, "Well I wax my car all the time myself" yet they can't figure out why the hood, trunk, roof or various other spots on their vehicle end up looking like this:

The fact is, the sun isn't the ONLY cause. Many of the waxes consumers buy don't last so when applied they think their vehicle is protected when in reality after the next wash the wax is gone. An even more interesting fact is consumers who take their car through tunnel washes (aka drive-through automatic car washes), the products may be "affordable" in the consumer's eyes but what they don't realize is they are very harsh, stripping off any wax the do-it-yourselfer applied leaving the paint surface without protection. You get what you pay for.

Furthermore, the high intensity of the sun's damaging UV rays cause the bond of clear coat to the paint to break down which gives it that foggy, ugly, worn-out appearance. In order to prevent this, we recommend our Sun-Protection Detail Package. This package includes a complete exterior detail, thorough claybar of all painted surfaces to remove all surface contaminants, and applying a industry leading sealant to protect the finish of your paint with your choice of a 3-6 month or 10-12 month sealant. You can review our Sun-Protectin Detail Package by clicking here.

In some cases, if your paint has already began to show signs of this damage, there are steps that could be taken to remove or at least greatly reduce this unsightly scene. We were able to take the above Mercedes' hood looking as it did and turn it around to look like this, despite the heavy damage it previously had suffered for years.


**NOTE** The package performed on this vehicle to remove the damage was NOT our Sun-Protection Detail Package. Please inquire about our line of Full Detail Packages, in this instance it was our Deluxe Detail Package.

Call the real specialists in paint correction today to discuss with us which preventative measure you would like to take: protection against future damage, or repair of current damage and protection from further future damage.


- The Detail Boss

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