Express Detail 2011 Year-End Blowout!

We wrapped up the year with 4 express details to 3 very special vehicles and a rare boat. A 2009 Black Ice Cadillac CTS, 1968 Ford Mustang 302, a 1969 Ford F-250, and a 1959 15' del-Mar vintage boat that has been freshly re-gelled. 2012, here we come!

More photos can be seen by clicking on the links below to each gallery:

2009 Black Ice Cadillac CTS Gallery

1968 Ford Mustang 302 Gallery

1969 Ford F-250 Gallery

1959 15' del-Mar Boat Gallery


- The Detail Boss

 “Select-Team Members of The Air Force One Detailing Team”

    “Official Detailers of the Museum of Flight”