Redefining Mobile Detailing: Grand Sport Style

Yes, we flew to Pennsylvania from Las Vegas for detail work on the east coast! This client received our 3 Stage deluxe detail package which includes 2 correction steps and 1 sealant step to protect the clear coat and finish. He chose to go with our 1 year polymer-based sealant for an additional charge and is extremely happy! This juiced up deluxe gets out 70-80% of all minor surface scratches and includes the deluxe interior as well. With stunning shine and gloss factor accompanied with lightly steamed carpets and upholstery to dial in this 1996 Corvette Grand Sport LT-4 6 Speed's interior, this now 16 year-old, 17,000 mile sports car looks restored to the day it rolled off the showroom floor (probably better!) When you are ready to stop playing games and want to pull out all the stops, give the Detail Boss a call and have your investment looking the best it's ever been! For more photos, check out the Grand Sport gallery HERE



- The Detail Boss

 “Select-Team Members of The Air Force One Detailing Team”

    “Official Detailers of the Museum of Flight”