Misconceptions about Detailing: Do You Prefer Steaks or Value Meals?


This video is not meant to be a commercial. Its to educate you and our clients along with hopefully future clients gained from seeing this video. Too many people compare detailing and prices of detailing to the prices of a drive through full service car wash and frankly we at the Detail Boss want to pull out all the stops and tell you the misconceptions so many people have and that the difference is not just the price. Quality and hopefully know-how is what you pay for in detailing. We take pride in what we do; quality is our number one priority next to customer satisfaction and customer service. We hope this video enlightens you if you weren't familiar with what detailing really is all about...and trust us, this only scratches the surface! Feel free to contact us with anything you may need whether it be by e-mail, phone, facebook, or even our live AOL Instant Messenger chat, we'd love to hear from you.


- The Detail Boss

 “Select-Team Members of The Air Force One Detailing Team”

    “Official Detailers of the Museum of Flight”