2012 Mastercraft X25 Detail: Sometimes Brand New isn't in 'Brand New' Condition

     This brand new 2012 Mastercraft X25 was shipped to the owner in less-than-satisfactory and what one would consider a shameful appearance for a brand new boat from the factory. Mastercraft is a very popular brand choice for those who love wakeboarding with the ammenities and customization Mastercraft offers their clients; these include custom stereo systems, color scheme, gel coat colors, decals, towers, you name it, they build it. This one particularly had an option we thought was pretty unique; A custom "power tower" was installed. Where most Mastercraft boats come standard with a manual tower, our client upgraded to a fully powered tower that folds up and down with the flip of a switch.



     So back to the "details".  Our client wasn't satisfied with the condition that he received the boat, so we told him we could make it the way it should be from the factory. On the exterior, we performed our Stage 1 Deluxe Exterior Detail for boats, this includes washing, claybar, single stage polish, and a durable sealant applied to all gelcoated surfaces on the exterior of the boat.



     Next, we moved onto the gelcoated surfaces of the interior. 2-3 hours of prep work was performed to mask off all carpeted areas as well as storage bins underneath the seats to keep compound dust and gelcoat dust out of places it shouldn't be. We take every precaution here at Detail Boss to ensure no damage is caused to both the areas that we work on and don't touch.



After 2 rolls of tape and a mile of plastic, we began to inspect the interior for scratches in the gelcoat and began sanding some of the deep scratches by hand. Other deeper scratches needed to be sanded by machine. The scratches, scuffs, and imperfections in the gelcoat were on both visible and non visible surfaces. Yes, underneath the seats were sanded and polished as well. Below you will see before and after shots of some of the scratches we sanded and polished to a perfect finish:








      When it comes to restoring paint or gelcoat, brand new or old, our work speaks for itself. Below we've posted a video we put together of this 20 hour detail project to give you another perspective. Thanks for watching, and don't forget to schedule your restoration detail today.



- The Detail Boss

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