Classic Ford Mustang Lovers' Dream


We're now located in North Scottsdale, Arizona, and have had the pleasure of detailing a fleet of 5 classic 60s Mustangs. Each vehicle was restored, from interiors including upholstery, carpet, and moldings, to engine rebuilds and paint jobs. The owner contacted us to clean each one thoroughly and prep them for shipment to Australia where they were sold to. Each Ford received our Full Express Detail Package as well as an engine detail.



Four of the stangs had aluminum wheels which can't be washed using acid-based wheel cleaners due to the fact that acid oxidizes bare aluminum; so we had to use either a non acid-based wheel cleaner or soap/water to safely and effectively clean the wheels.



This is just one of the many projects we've done, we'll be updating the site regularly throughout the rest of this week to keep the news coming with what we're doing to satisfy the detailing needs of the Scottsdale and Phoenix area!



- The Detail Boss

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