Porsche Cayman in for a Full Avery Red Chrome Vinyl Wrap and Ceramic Pro!

porsche vinyl wrap scottsdale arizona

Our client came to us with a vision of transformation for his 2015 Porsche Cayman. The car was black and he wanted it red chrome.

We vinyl wrapped the entire car in Avery Red Chrome Vinyl, accompanied by an off-center euro-style silver chrome racing stripe down the driver side. The car also had window tint installed all around and all tail lights/headlights and marker lights tinted as well. Side glass was tinted with 20%, rear glass 5%.

Unlike all other vinyl wrap companies, we gave the chrome wrap the BOSS touch with our delicate jeweling polish to remove 80+% of minor surface scratches that were instilled during the installation process. We then protected the vinyl by applying Ceramic Pro 9H to give the surface some scratch resistant and anti-corrosive properties, as well as Ceramic Pro Light to possess the vinyl with paint-like characteristics such as a slick, smooth, anti-static finish, not to mention the insane rich gloss and UV protection to extend the life of the vinyl!

vinyl wrap red chrome
ceramic pro vinyl wrap arizona

You may ask yourself, "what is vinyl?". Vinyl is a material that many car enthusiasts choose to use if they are looking to alter the appearance of their vehicle. From accents such as a black roof, chrome deleted trim, different colored mirrors, or a full-body wrap, vinyl is a less expensive and removable alternative to permanently repainting your entire vehicle. Vinyl wraps will also keep the originality of your vehicle; come time to sell, simply remove the vinyl and your vehicle will be back to the way it was.

Detail BOSS: Your solution for auto detailing, vinyl wraps, paint protection film, paint correction and window tint! Enjoy the exclusive video below. For more info about vinyl wraps, click here